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Plant Sale 2019


Thanks to the very generous donations by everyone and all the hard work by the organisers and volunteers, this year's Plant Sale made a record sum.


This money will go towards funding the annual Horticultural & Craft Show.


Our sincere thanks to everyone who helped on the day and a very special thanks to Sheila Phillips who once again organised the event and provided so many beautiful plants.

Please send us your top gardening tips so we can share them with everyone!  

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New News!

List of Poisonous Plants for Dogs


For more info, please look under Useful Links (Other Info) for a link to a handy website.



LERC Wales App enables you to get involved with biological recording. Contribute your species sightings with GPS acquired coordinates, descriptions and other information, thus providing scientists with important new biodiversity information that contributes to nature conservation, planning, research and education.

Your data will be kept secure and will be regularly backed up. Automatic checks will be applied to your observations to help spot potential errors, and experts can review your sightings. All wildlife sightings for non-sensitive species are shared with other users and will be made available to National Recording Schemes, Local Environmental Record Centres and Vice County Recorders (VCRs).

• Fully bilingual user interface (sadly not the species dictionary)
• Works fully offline
• Record all the wildlife you see - supports all UK species
• Add new records with minimal effort
• Benefit from automatic data checks and review by experts
• Share your sightings with the recording community
• Contribute to science and conservation
• Support the Welsh LERC community

Places on the coach still available for trip to Shrewsbury - for only £12 return

Friday, 9th August 2019 (coach only, tickets for the Flower Show can be purchased on-line or on the day)


For more information about how to get a seat, please contact us via our Club email:


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